The ‘coconut’ wireless is usually very efficient at disseminating news, information and sometimes gossip but in case you haven’t heard, Tiffany and Bernie Stroh along with their three girls (Scarlet, Eleanore and Grace) will soon embark on a world travel adventure. Many of our friends in the Haleakala Waldorf ohana have also met Tiffany’s oldest daughter, Devin who will also rendezvous with us at some point on our journey across the planet. In order to accomplish this feat, we will of course temporarily put our ‘normal’ Maui life on hold for the next 10 months.

Many may wonder (but politely have not inquired) how we arrived at this decision to live our life abroad for a year. We have asked ourselves the same question. The truth is that this decision was made without much consideration (or pre-planning) only a few months ago. We recently took a very short family trip to Ireland and Tiffany and Scarlet then continued on to Egypt for a 10 day, mother-daughter excursion. These short trips undoubtedly whetted our appetites for more international travel. When my wife and Scarlet returned from Egypt, Tiffany made an offhand comment while we were driving back home from the airport that we should take the year off and travel. Without thinking, I immediately agreed to the idea. And so without much fanfare, here we are in an almost empty house about to embark on this journey. As I recall, we made the decision to move to Maui from Minnesota much the same way 6-1/2 years ago and we have certainly never regretted that decision.


As I write this, my new laptop (mobile engineering office) is almost ready, homeschooling literature and materials are being assembled and yoga travel mats have been packed. We are ready (or as ready as we will ever be).





2 thoughts on “WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW & WHY NOT?

  1. Happy Trails – we were thinking of going to the airport to see you off but alas, a big aloha from us will be what we can muster up for today. Looking forward to your posts as you move through your fabulous adventure!


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