love affair with clothing

I have always had a love affair with clothing.  It began when I was twenty and I got my first retail job at United Colors of Benetton.  I loved that job dressing people in well-cut Italian clothing, always looking great at work and squeezing my feet into impossibly high heels.  My tastes have evolved over the years, sometimes great looks and sometimes less than great.  I usually like to come up with a name for my current style, for example when I moved to Maui I dreaded my hair and wore juicy couture hoodies in pastel colors and called this look sporty-dready.  That would have been fine, except I found myself immediately pregnant with my 4th daughter Grace.  My intention was to have a big lollipop head of dreads and a skinny little body to go with it. This was not the reality.

Grace’s birthdate 10-20-11 (not the look I was going for)

I have always used clothes as an artistic means of self-expression, believing that if the outfit is right I can look and feel great.  I have ever evolving tastes and now that I am forty, find myself seeking more coverage, fine natural fabrics, exquisite cuts, and comfort.  I have always maintained that you don’t know what pieces will be your favorites when you are buying them, it isn’t until you have worn them and lived in them that the magic happens. It is a feeling that dressing well helps you feel together.  It is just as easy to throw on some nice cut jeans and a gorgeous cotton blouse as it is yoga pants and a tee. So why not look awesome and accessorize?