The Malta Experience

View From Valletta

A well kept secret, one of only a few mini countries in the world, and it is truly a wonderful place to visit.

Sacred, historically medieval, and beautiful, we arrived from Rome met the kids at “Popeye’s Village” for a rigorous round of miniature golf and it’s been non stop ever since.

How wonderful to see such a magnificent Island through the beautiful eyes of our progeny. 

We love their energy and all of the probing questions reminding me of my childhood, including the insatiable passion for ice cream. 

Bernie and Tiffany Home Schooling the girls around the world for a year is developmentally invaluable for them. 
Hands on Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Language, Economics, Art, and Time Management, quite a course load.

It’s been said that you’ll be the same person in twenty years that you are today except for: 
“the people you meet and the books you read”. A side note is that Devin is reading, “The Brother’s Karamazov”  by Fyodor Dostoyevsky on this trip (obviously a Philosophy Major), you gotta love this kid.
On our visit to the Mdina Cathedral of St. Paul, amazing, Eleanore had the most numerous and complex theological questions, 
our own little inquisitor.

I predict that my four granddaughters will all be beautiful, articulate, and fascinating women.
To have the whole family together for this Thanksgiving is absolutely wonderful.
However it won’t be a Turkey this year, it will be lamb at the Golden Sands, Golden Bay, Malta
since we are in the Mediterranean: ” When in Rome “.

Back Row Left to Right: Bernie, Devin, Scarlet, Tiffany, Brenda, Greg         Second Row: Eleanore and Grace

We’ve found the most important thing in life, is that you stop and get together sharing time with your loved ones wherever they may be.

Black Friday will be gold and white for myself and Brenda as we voliamo via Alitalia tomorrow to Vatican City, 
another mini country, for the weekend on our way home with a stop in London.
Happy Thanksgiving to All ! 
R/ Greg and Brenda